Pay Per Click & Digital Campaigns Management

Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns allow you to position ads that are higher than organic results of a search engine query, thus bypassing the normal search results. Paying a small amount to show your ad at the top of the page will massively boost the benefits of your campaign.

Fidato provides a variety of campaign management tools from development and maintenance along with a PPC plan. After clearly designing and implementing the PPC plan for your company we start running it weekly or monthly. By monitoring the conversion rates and the number of results produced, we stay on top of the campaign. Our experts consult regularly with our stakeholders to discuss how we can better improve the efficiency of the program. By changing the images and/or copies according to what was most successful, we will also alter the ad sets and variations.

At Fidato, we don’t just create a campaign and leave it to work on its own. Rather we keep a close eye and cover all bases to adjust it accordingly to guarantee maximum efficiency. Our clients can relax, knowing that a team of specialists are constantly monitoring the results of their Digital Campaigns.


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